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A Soul Made of Thunder

Release Date: Winter 2025

Genre(s): Low Fantasy, Sapphic

Trope: Enemies to Lovers

Only with pirates chasing her down does Thea, a mage with stolen magic, ally with Fyn, a vicious mage-hunting soldier. Fyn might be on Thea’s side now, but she’s as dangerous as she is beautiful, and Thea hates her. 


Fyn harbors a deep-seated grudge against mages, fueled by the loss of her mother while Thea, with her volatile powers and hidden agenda, embodies everything Fyn despises.


When they accidentally uncover the pirate’s plot against both their people, Thea and Fyn temporarily agree to set aside their mutual hostility and save their people. Yet, as they reluctantly join forces, Thea can't ignore the unexpected flutter in her heart whenever Fyn's gaze meets hers. Thea knows it’s a dangerous attraction, especially as both of their secrets threaten to unravel their fragile alliance.


A SOUL MADE OF THUNDER is an adult fantasy romance with a f/f enemies to lovers arc. It would appeal to fans of The Priory of the Orange Tree, Gideon the Ninth, and The Jasmine Throne.

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Alex Marco

Alex Marco, a scientist by day and fantasy writer by night, found inspiration in the vast landscapes of the Arctic where she works. She loves reading novels about powerful women with swords and magic and decided to combine the two into a magical fantasy novel set in the Arctic.


As queer woman herself, Alex always hopes to see more queer representation in novels.


Alex lives in Portland, Oregon with a goofy golden retriever.

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