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Stuck on the Slopes

Release Date: Spring 2025

Subgenre(s): Contemporary

Trope: Hate to Love, One Room

The cabin is heating up in this romantic comedy as a pro-athlete and corporate marketer dodge the tabloids and save a ski lodge.

Professional athlete Juniper Hart was forced into retirement after a devastating snowboarding accident left him with a permanent injury. Despite the media wondering if he’ll make a return to the slopes, he acquired a failed Colorado ski lodge. With only his service dog, Sasquatch, for company, he needs help bringing the lodge back to life.

When burned-out corporate ladder climber Rachel Friedman doesn't get the raise needed to afford her rising rent costs, she trades in her Florida summers for Colorado winters. As Juniper’s live-in resort manager, the pay is better, but his attitude toward an increasing media presence - something they’ll need to help revive the lodge after renovations - leaves her wondering if the pay increase and free rent are worth it.

Juniper’s aversion to the press and paparazzi doesn’t stop the rumor mill from churning. Rachel needs to thaw Juniper’s icy heart so they can work together - and perhaps become more than coworkers along the way - to save the lodge (and her job along with it). But first, she’ll need to establish dominance over the tabloids to earn Juniper’s trust and take control of the media’s narrative.

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Jessica Salina

Jessica Salina is a romance author based out of Washington state. She’s had a lifetime love of reading, and after getting lost in other worlds growing up, decided to create her own. Before writing romantic comedies, Jessica self-published a superhero romance series, Riverpeak Heroes.


As someone with chronic pain and CPTSD, Jessica strives for positive mental health and disability representation in her writing. Her goal is to make sure no one feels alone and always knows they’re worthy of love.


When she’s not writing, you can find Jessica taking pictures of cool mushrooms on her hikes, chasing waterfalls, or cosplaying from her favorite anime, video games, and Marvel comics with her husband.

Other Works by Jessica Salina

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