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The Bone Below

Release Date: April 16, 2024

Subgenre(s): Fantasy, Regency

Trope: Fake Love, Dark Secret

Nelka, born to a small village in Nidora, meets Kazimir, a passing traveler. Each time Nelka leaves her cottage, she seems to bump into this stranger who teases her relentlessly, and ignites feelings she wasn't prepared for. 

When Nelka's sister becomes ill, Nelka leaves the safety of her village, and Kazimir, to find a cure.  As trouble becomes imminent, Nelka is taken prisoner and held hostage by the foreign King and Queen. Their son and soon to be King, Prince Andrius, has plans and Nelka is exactly what he needs to set them into motion. 


Each day Nelka spends in the castle with Prince Andrius brings her closer to a truth she didn't know had been hidden, while pushing her farther from the village farmer of her past.

The Bone Below is a journey of self-discovery, first love, and learning about one’s place in a vast world.

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Sylwia Koziel

Sylwia is a born and raised Chicagoan, spending her days exploring the city, one train stop at a time. She currently works as a media planner at a large media agency where she daydreams of the day when a slack notification no longer makes her heart jump in fear.

Sylwia writes all sorts of genres that have strong romantic subplots. She enjoys character driven stories where the main character is on a journey of discovering themselves and learning to let go of the expectations weighing on them.

On top of publishing her debut duology, The Bone Below and The Bone After, with Conquest Publishing, she is also in the early drafting stages of self publishing a series of novellas under her pen name KC Silver.

The Bone Below, a first installment of The Bone Below series, will hit shelves in April 2024. 

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