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Water Clock

Release Date: Spring 2026

Genre(s): New Adult Fantasy / Romance


Every gift is a curse in disguise.

Preventing a catastrophic disaster is a touchy business, especially for the gods. Apollo has foreseen the destruction of Atlantis, and despite Poseidon warning him not to intervene, he’s determined to change its fate. Apollo’s on his own and the one mortal who can help him, the High Priestess Euthalia, he already cursed in a self-indulgent fit.


Apollo enlists the aid of Maia, a high-born daughter from the Ten Houses, and gives her the gift of prophecy—without her knowledge, so as not to draw the eyes of Olympus. Except Maia’s penchant for wine and an unnatural infatuation to a newcomer with a hidden agenda, makes getting her to recognize what’s at stake harder than he realizes. 


As the unrelenting war between Athens and Sparta draws closer to Atlantean shores, so does the hand of its doom.

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HJ Ramsay

HJ Ramsay lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. They’re a big sports family, which means most of the year she spends driving them to various activities.


She has an MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles and she's the author of the award-winning novel, Ever Alice. 

Other Works by HJ Ramsay

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