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Demon Eyes

Release Date: Fall 2025

Subgenre(s): Paranormal


Vayda Kimble, a college student in her last semester, just found out her graduation plans are in jeopardy. The rock band she planned to study for her sociology research project on crowd behavior unexpectedly canceled their spring tour. Scrambling to find another band to meet her final graduation requirements and her limited timeframe, her father suggests Asylum, a hot new heavy metal band out on tour. Without questioning it, Vayda signs up to join their tour. With her plans back on track, she meets the lead singer and his intimidating stares sends icicles down her spine.


Dex Marshall, an angry demon with a broken past, hates Vayda from the moment he meets her and he isn’t afraid to hide his disgust for their new stowaway.

Vayda soon becomes entangled in a hidden world of demons who plot to harm her. She faces the grim reality that only one demon can keep her safe, and it’s the one who hates her the most.

As Dex and Vayda come to a truce, their initial animosity transforms into an undeniable and fiery passion. When outside forces threaten to separate them forever, Vayda finds herself in a desperate battle to break free from an unexpected enemy or risk losing her future with Dex completely.

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Julie Krohn

Julie Krohn is a CAE design analysis engineer with degrees in Chemical and Bioengineering from the University of Toledo. When she’s not analyzing axle components for the automotive industry, she’s dreaming up and engineering her own worlds of fantasy and romance.  


Married to her high school sweetheart, they live in northwest Ohio with their four children, two dogs, and two cats.  In her spare time, she enjoys going to rock concerts, riding tall rollercoasters, scrapbooking family vacations, and binge-watching vampire shows. She especially loves all things Disney and at least once a year likes to travel to her favorite vacation destination of Disney World.

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