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Third and Long

Release Date: Summer 2025

Subgenre(s): Contemporary

Trope: He Falls First, Emotional Scars

Trauma survivor, Abby Barclay, finds purpose for her life with her therapy dog, Gen, helping terminally ill children and their families deal with pain and loss. When a playground accident brings nine-year-old Dylan into her life, even Abby is surprised at the depth of bond between the boy and her dog. Her relationship with him - as well as with his divorced father, Scott - soon grows into something beyond professional.

Threatened by Abby and Gen’s close relationship with Dylan, Scott's ex-wife reopens their custody arrangement, forcing Scott to decide between his son and the woman he loves. To make matters worse, Gen, receives a devastating prognosis.


As Abby weighs losing Scott, Dylan, and her beloved dog, she must decide whether loving anyone is worth the risk, and whether she can find the courage to go on even if she loses everything.

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Rebecca Minelga

Rebecca Minelga is an author and speaker who uses the power of words to navigate the liminal spaces between who we are and who we are becoming. She raises Guide Dog Puppies and two sons - in that order - with her husband just north of Seattle.


She has been previously published in "The Mark Literary Review", "Crêpe and Penn", "The Hooghly Review", and "Roi Fainéant". When not writing, she can be found open water swimming in her local lake, exploring the National Parks with her family, or traveling the world on an adventure!

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