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The Cruelty of Magic

Release Date: October 2024

Genre(s): Epic/High Fantasy

Trope: The Chosen One, Functional Magic

A warlord seeks the destruction of Runefall, and the end of magic, as a prophecy is met with doubt.


Kyra, a young woman capable of wielding rune magic, is called from her hidden city to a temple no one knows about. As Kyra wrestles with a prophecy, and wanting to save her city, a dwarven king leads his people to carve a new home for themselves but instead finds himself approaching divinity. 


On the other side of the world, a dark sewer hosts a father and son who escaped a tyrannical attack. They now hide and attempt to summon a golem for protection but learn something about magic that might change the world.


Intricate stories and deep lies connect peoples from all across the land. The actions of one may very well condemn the lives of another, even if they never meet.


Such is the cruel way of the world and the unforgiving cost of magic.

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Shawn Amick

Shawn Amick is a high fantasy author, and the host of the Between the Pages Podcast, where he interviews traditional and independently published authors.

Between the Pages is not only a podcast, but a community of authors, readers, artists, editors and much more. The community hosts a large Discord server, provides awards to independently published and traditionally published authors, and provides a multitude of engaging resources and events to help authors grow their readership.


“The Cruelty of Magic” is his first, solo novel and opens up the Cruel Origins series. It places readers into a world, epic in scale, and reminiscent of traditional fantasy writing styles keeping intense pace geared toward action. Complete with prequels and spinoffs, the world of Cruel Origins is only just beginning.


Initially, Shawn's first book was a dark, comedic twist on the mystery-detective genre titled “Dick, Stan Greene” which he co-authored with Terry Rogers. This series will also continue to be written, albeit at a slower pace. 


By day, Shawn serves as a Director for a wireless company and maintains a focus on leadership and development with a passion for coaching others. Shawn looks forward to the day he can make a full-time living off of his writing alongside his partner, Jaymie Grieves, who is also an author.



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