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The Drowning Daze of Astraea

Release Date: Fall 2025

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy

Trope: Coming of Age, Found Friendship

When fifteen-year-old Astraea Windsor blacks out, she wakes to find herself in another world. The last thing she remembers is her grandmother died, plans were made to send her to an orphanage, there was a rippling, violet ring in the air, and then—nothing.


Astraea quickly discovers the world, Voncord, is a striking place divided into states and inhabited by ‘Signs’ who wield multiplex elemental energies—and her true home. Now that Astraea has returned to the Air State, she must get a grip on her signature power and find her place.


But Voncord is a world in turmoil. States blame each other for seismic tremors detected in the ocean deep, sparking bloody brawls. Girls from her school are vanishing, including newfound friends, and Astraea finds she alone has the key to solve all of it.


When she starts having unexplainable dreams of a dark, ice fortress that leaves her shaking and dazed, Astraea makes chilling connections between various crises. With her warnings ignored by governing leadership, Astraea must dive into the madness herself by teaming up with an enemy and following the threads in her dreams if she is to save the missing students and keep her world from sinking.


She only has to hope she doesn’t drown in the process.

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A.M. Root

Ashley Mathias Root (A. M. Root) is a Young Adult Fantasy author and high school teacher with degrees in English, Educational Leadership, and Communications—though her heart has always been rooted in creative writing.


A midwest lady with a southern twist, she resides in the northeast along the beautiful New England coast of the United States with her family. Her brand is a mixture of dark and colorful, with a dash of glitter.


The Drowning Daze of Astraea is the first novel in The Voncord Volumes.

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