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The Funeral Director's Wife

Release Date: September 3, 2024

Subgenre(s): Thriller

Trope: Dark Secret

Brooklyn Blatrix takes on a new job at the local funeral home after being dumped and fired in the same week. She strikes up a relationship with her supervisor, Brantley McAffey, in a hopeful attempt to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. However, Brantley has a secret he’s been keeping from everyone - a secret he’s willing to kill for. Brooklyn is about to find herself in the trenches of a trial by media before the year is over.


THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR’S WIFE is a 60,000-word dark romantic thriller combining the themes of GONE GIRL x FOLLOW ME BACK in the twisting story of a passionate but deadly relationship mixed with the complexities and dangers of social media.

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Lindsay Schraad Keeling

As the cliche goes, Lindsay has been writing her entire life. She graduated from Mustang High School in Oklahoma in 2010, then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Funeral Services in 2016 from the University of Central Oklahoma. In her twenties, she created a website that featured articles written about homicide victims and missing persons with assistance and permission directly from their families. 


In 2020 - after moving across the country to Virginia - she co-authored the memoir Where the Trail Ends: The Kenny Suttner Story with her friend Angela Suttner, which won Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest 30th Annual Self-Published Book Awards.


In September of 2021, Lindsay won a Curator’s Choice Award along with third place from Something or Other Publishing’s 1st Annual Short Story Contest for her nonfiction piece, Divorce in the Time of Social Media.


In 2022, Lindsay graduated with her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. While her thesis novel was shelved for a time period, she was intrigued with a new story idea about a clandestine relationship from a unique perspective in addition to the complexities and dangers of social media, which turned into The Funeral Director’s Wife


Raised in Oklahoma, Lindsay wants to give back to those who’ve been affected by senseless crime. All of the author’s proceeds, she is blessed with from the sales of The Funeral Director’s Wife, will be donated to the nonprofit organization Oklahoma Homicide Survivors Support Group. 

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Lindsay Schraad Keeling

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