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Calla's Choice

Release Date: To Be Announced

Subgenre(s): Erotica, Dystopian, BDSM

Trope: Damsel in Distress

Wrong place.

Wrong time.

Witness to the wrong man’s crime.

Calla has been made to disappear into a dark part of the world she didn’t know existed, where pain is pleasure and captivity is freedom. Not even her name is her own any more; but she begins to wonder if escape is what she truly wants or is it her new master...

For the lovers of Bared to You by Sylvia Day and Lean on Me by Cherise Sinclair, Calla's Choice will cause you to wonder if maybe you misjudged the darkness all long. 

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Mindi Carver

Mindi was born and raised in West Virginia, but now call upstate South Carolina her home. She's been a storyteller since she could talk and a writer since she could understand the concept. So, when Mindi couldn’t find the kinds of adult (and spicy content) stories she wanted to read, she decided it was time to try writing them for myself. 

When not fighting with her muse, Mindi enjoys reading other people’s hard work, cooking, small-scale gardening, singing, dancing in the kitchen when she thinks nobody’s looking, cuddling her miniature, fluffy house-panther, handicraft making, playing D&D, doing cosplay photo shoots, and participating in historical re-enactments.

Mindi's debut novel, Calla’s Choice, will launch with Conquest Publishing in 2024.

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