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Darkness of Dying in the Light

Release Date: August 20, 2024

Subgenres: Steampunk, Young Adult

Trope: Forbidden Love

Sultry Savannah is where we lay our scene, from a time that once, but never was…Two households, both alike in dignity, collide in the chaos of civil unrest igniting a forbidden romance between a pair of star-crossed lovers. 


Seventeen-year-old automaton, Sephony Roulette, is beautiful and headstrong. Against her will, she’s been betrothed to an ambitious politician desperate for her father’s money. Sephony would rather die than marry him and her mechanical heart breaks to set her free.

Marcus Wexhaven is called in to use his micro-cogs to repair Sephony's damaged heart. When she wakes in his arms, the fiery passion between them cannot be denied. 


To prove to their feuding families their love is worth celebration, Sephony and Marcus work in secrecy to unravel a vicious political plot. When Sephony finds herself on the receiving end of a hideous crime, it’s Marcus who comes to the rescue, again. He is willing to fight to protect her, even if that means his own death. 


Sephony is far too proud to let Marcus die alone. For never was a story of more darkness than of Sephony and her Marcus. 

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S.E. Reed

S.E. Reed believes in magic, ghosts, and the power of love. Growing up in a mossy Seattle suburb, she dreamed of the day her writing would be published and adored by fans across the globe.​ Many of her pieces have a strong Southern theme, but she also likes to dabble in the strange, the bizarre, and the fantastical. Most of all, she writes stories with heart. 


S.E. currently resides in Florida, nestled between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, with her spouse and children. She spends her free time reading, writing, and cooking.


S.E.'s novel, Darkness of Dying in the Light, will launch in August 2024.

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