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The Bruiser

Release Date: 2024

Subgenre(s): Contemporary

Trope: Office Romance, One-Night Stand

Bethany Morgan only wants one thing: an internship so she can graduate. Her nerves always get the best of her in the interviews, and she ends up sticking her foot in her mouth. This time is different. All she can think about is the failed one-night they had together and how he didn’t remember her.

Dan Rossi is coming off the best hockey year of his career, and the worst of his life. He lost the love of his life and the career he loved.  When a mysterious blonde walks into the foundation office he had set up in his girlfriend’s memory, his whole life changes.  He hasn’t felt this way in a long time and doesn’t know if he is ready to start living his life again.

Will Dan be able to move forward and embrace the feelings he has for the mysterious girl in the office? Is Bethany going to be able to mix business with pleasure?

The Bruiser.jpeg

Becky Kapjon

Becky Kapjon lives in Chicago, IL. She is a wife and mother of 2 daughters. Becky has always been an avid reader and enjoys many different genres, but especially romance which is one reason why she decided to write her own.  She is a huge Disney fan and loves everything Harry Potter along with cheering on her favorite sports teams. She loves rooting for the Chicago Bears (football), Chicago Blackhawks (hockey), and her favorite Chicago White Sox (baseball). In her spare time, you can find Becky spending time with her family watching movies, going to the zoo, or at her favorite vacation spot, Walt Disney World. 


You can always find Becky with her iPad in hand and her kindle app full of new books. She has been busy writing her new Viper Series, the first book, The Bruiser releasing in 2024, with Conquest publishing. With many more to come in the series.


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