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Her Side of the Story

Release Date: January 2025

Subgenre(s): Contemporary

Trope: Celebrity Romance, Small Town Romance

Rosie Henderson, a gift shop owner in a small English town, longs to put the trauma of a bad break-up behind her. Jilted at the altar six years before, she fights to forget the memory of her ex. She invests her time and energy into the one thing that hasn't let her down - her shop, Peacocks & Peonies.


When famous novelist River Sutton arrives in town to cure his writer’s block, Rosie is thrown into his lavish world of paparazzi and drug-fueled parties. River dances a fine line between substance abuse and denial while Rosie struggles to adapt to his lifestyle, balancing the demands of her shop along with the intrusive media attention.


As their relationship intensifies, River's drug use creates a rift between him and Rosie, forcing Rosie to evaluate her priorities when her beloved shop is vandalized. The attack is personal. Someone doesn't want her with River and they will do anything to keep them apart.


As she battles to unmask the criminal, Rosie fights to keep her livelihood while attempting to save River from himself.

Kellie Wallace

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Kellie has deeply passionate about books since she was a child. When she was thirteen, she was introduced to Emily Rodda’s Rowan of Rin series and it ignited her love for storytelling. As a teen, Kellie experimented with creative writing and wrote a slew of fan fiction novels.

In 2008, Kellie self-published her first book All She Ever Wanted. It was a life-changing experience and something she looks back on fondly. 

Kellie has traditionally published multiple novels, ranging from paranormal, crime, WW2 romance, and dystopian. After her first child was born, Kellie took a sabbatical from writing to focus on her family and didn't open her laptop until Sydney was thrown into lockdown. During the querying process for another novel, she began writing Her Side Of The Story to bide time but ultimately it turned into a passionate love story. 

Kellie lives with her husband and two young children. She loves to write, play video games, and stream her favourite shows in her spare time.

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Kellie Wallace

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