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Fear was not for the weak but for the intelligent who knew they were up against an unpredictable foe.

The Heretics Pantheon

Release Date: TBD

Subgenres: Fantasy, Romance


The gods have met their match in Nephinae Adlen. Fueled by the rage of betrayal by her lover, the prince of Shaov Scia, she vows to burn everything.


In her quest for revenge, a steamy romance arises between her and the Demon King of Estijan, Eros Venvyre. He’s rumored to be ruthless, and he may have to be to protect his new, unlikely love.


Not only does Neph find love in her new home, but she also finds a family she’s willing to risk everything for.


Even if that means her humanity.

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Kylie Wiggins

Kylie is a twenty-year-old college student at Sam Houston State University. She has loved writing and storytelling for as long as she can remember.


Within the last couple months, Kylie has self-published two poetry books that were mostly marketed towards family.


While Kylie loves writing poetry, her real passion lies in creating fantasy worlds, such as the one you in her debut novel, Adorned in Ice.

Other Works by Kylie Wiggins

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