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Of Stars and Lightning

Release Date: September 29, 2024

Subgenre(s): Dark Fantasy/Romance

Trope: Enemies to Lovers/Found Family/Angry Gods

“Destiny wasn’t meant to be tested.

Then again, neither was she.”

Sol Yarrow didn't ask for much. A nice day for hunting. A peaceful shift at her gods-awful job. A steaming bowl of her aunt's famous stew. Easy. Simple.

After twenty-five years of simplicity, everything she thought to be true is rewritten when four strangers come to Yavenharrow and take her back to the kingdom of Rimemere, a shielded land inhabited by ruthless Elemental Magic Wielders. A land only known through rumors and bedtime stories.

A kingdom where her mother was Queen. A kingdom, by order of succession, now belonged to her. What would a human with no magic and a short temper have to offer the Wielders? Sol didn't think much.

Her Court thought otherwise.

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Melanie Mar

Melanie Mar is a Social Worker along with being a mother to an incredibly active infant and two equally
demanding fur babies. When she is not combating adulthood duties, she enjoys exploring the
outdoors (when it’s cold), watching horror films, reading romantic fantasies until 3am, and
spending all the time she can with her family.


Melanie lives in Texas and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology gives her a unique perspective on human behaviors, helping her craft three-dimensional, relatable characters with their own ways of overcoming struggles. She participated in AWP’s 19th Season of W2W as a Mentee and was published in her local university's magazine.


She is currently working on her debut romantasy novel and spending all her free time living within its world.



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