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Unlocking the Power of Mood Boards: A Guide for Authors

Today’s topic, Mood Boards.

Why? What are they? And most importantly, how are they made? 

Mood boards are becoming more and more popular for author pitching events on any social media platform that has one. They give flavor to an author’s story, are easily sharable, and give all the feels in picture form. Pin one to the top of a social feed or on a website and your book is always up front and center for marketing. Basically, it is as the name describes: Mood + Board = Feel Good or Sad or Scary story!

Now for the really important part:

How are they made?

There are a lot of different apps out there. But the most common one is Canva. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate. The photo collage option is perfect for this.

  1. Pick a collage layout you like

  2. Delete the pictures

  3. Pop in your own

You can get photos that have a Creative Common’s license (so they can be used for free, legally) from sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. Donations are requested for some and it’s not a bad idea to give a little, if you can. Then you just get to work.

I use a keyword search when scrolling for pictures. Something like misty forest, holding hands, witchcraft, or whatever you think best represents your vision. Voila! You now have a mood board, story writing, and creative genius. You’re welcome.

I did this witchy, paranormal romance as an example of the limitless possibilities.

Now get to work!

Erica Duarte

In 2001, Erica graduated from the University of Denver. After completing her degree in Psychology, she joined the Peace Corps where she taught English, traveled, and finally landed in Tennessee. She now works for the College of Fine Arts at Tennessee Tech and is on the board of directors for a small local theater company. Her passion has always been writing. Grant writing, technical writing, novels, short stories, blogs, and blurbs. She has always, in her spare time, written.

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