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An Ode to the Alphabet

An Ode to the Letter “A”

A picture says a thousand words

At least that’s what they say

Although they can’t describe a thing

As well as letter “A”

“A” means that there’s others

As if there’s two or three

And if there was just only one

“A” would become “the”

An Ode to the Letter “B”

Behold! A letter that can be

Better than numbers one and three

Because it sits quite neighborly

Between its buddies “A” & “C”

Boldly standing faithfully

Barely used the same you see

Bugs will spell it differently

But one less “E” and then it’s “be”

An Ode to the Letter “C”

Can you guess what letters next?

Clocking in at number three?

Careful how you use it now

‘Cause it confuses frequently

Certain times it’s overlooked, like

Chief — the “I” before the “E”

Can’t use “I” that same way though when

Coming after “C”

An Ode to the Letter “D”

Dare I try letter four

Daunting as it may be?

Duly note this verse might prove as

Drab and dull as me

Don’t say there’s other letters with such

Deep complexity

Desire to speak in a past tense?

Dread not! Just add a “D”

And Ode to the Letter “E”

Ere I forget I said I’d commit

Ever mindful I shall be

Execute my mother’s wish of

Elegantly thanking thee

Each reader of this who here exists

Earns thanks most graciously

Earnest, whilst I scribble this

Expectations upon me

An Ode to the Letter “F”

Finally a letter without a long “E”

For those are easy to rhyme

Frankly it’s fun to come up with a pun

Fresh from out of the mind

Forever I wonder, over and under

From bottom to top, all the time

For a bold new way to come out and say

“F” this…without moral fine

An Ode to the Letter “G”

Goodness gracious, golly “G”!

Gifted writers inspire me

Gernsback, Goddard, de Graffigny

Grouped in glory’s category

Guiding words with paper and pen

Grandeur achieved by all of them

God bestowed them minds of gold

Goals to emulate when I’m old

An Ode to the Letter “H”

Heaven’s hopeful, but all should know

Hell awaits for heathens below

Havoc, hatred, halls of stones

Heated seats on hopeless thrones

Helping mortals foster love

Hoping for the gates above

Hearts are kind for constant fear

Horror and nightmare might be near

An Ode to the Letter “I”

I love the vowels for how they serve

In bridging letters, creating words

Insanity comes, if not for them

Illegible messes none comprehend

Idle time when trying to read

It’s pointless without these

Irked by consonants? Don’t throw the towel

If you need a word…just buy a vowel!

An Ode to the Letter “J”

Jack and Jill went up the hill

Jogging straight up and down

Joking and playing, having a thrill

Joyful, till he broke his crown

Jumping in fear, Jill looked around

Jolting across the way

Joking she wasn’t, as she scooped him up

Jill used a long strong letter “J”

An Ode to the Letter “K”

Knobbed in darkness, twisted wood

Knuckled as can be

Kinks and dead spots all around

Knotted is the tree

Kindling yes, our God will need, as its

Key for making day

Kind, protecting our nights with knights by simply adding


An Ode to the Letter “L”

Little, little, did I know

L is oh so great

Like the time I drank that wine and

Lulled a pretty mate

Lords and ladies, boys and girls

Like all, must pay the well

Lay respect to that which lets us

Love: the letter “L”

An Ode to the Letter “M”

Middle of the alphabet

Molded like a gem

Many say that none are worth much

More than trusty “M”

Maybe “M” hates “W’

Malicious, with a frown

Mercilessly mocking it when

“M” is upside down

An Ode to the Letter “N”

Naughty, naughty little “N”

Never helping me

Nothing useful ever comes from


“No” and “never”, “none” and “nor”

“N” is oh, so rude

Neighbors “M” and “O” must want to

Nix that attitude

An Ode to the Letter “O”

Over, under, bottom, top

Odes to letters never stop

On the day I get to “Z”

Old and wrinkled, I may be

Or young and youthful, hopefully

Only time will tell, you see

Our lives are short, so I shall grind

Other option: wasting time

An Ode to the Letter “P”

Paper, pencil, pen and ink, in

Prose I’ve grown to speak and think

Public platforms, message boards

Poeticly penning rhythmic chords

Poems are pretty, I think it not

Pedantic such as some have thought

Peace it brings for me to write

Poetry: its cool, alright?

An Ode to the Letter “Q”

Quiet! I must concentrate

“Q” is hard to satiate

Quarrels make me want to quit

Quirks in words that don’t quite fit

Quorum comes when both are here

Quickly now, their love is near

Quotient not, but sum of two, for

“Q” is married. Her boo is “U”

An Ode to the Letter “R”

Regally reigning, loved near and far

Reality dictates we need letter “R”

Rigid and rugged, it’s straight and it’s curved

Reading is easy when “R’s” are preserved

Rallying troops or driving a car?

Really won’t work without letter “R”

Reason without one, I bid you good luck

“R”s are required, or you’ll sound a schmuck

An Ode to the Letter “S”

Suppose/posit/guess, theorize and express

Standing here, guess who’s arrived?

Surely you thought, as the alphabet taught

So let’s see what you derived

Smile tonight, for you got it right!

Such brilliance inspired your guess

Some though, were wrong, and they don’t belong

Sorry my friend, it was “S”!

An Ode to the Letter “T”

There never was a letter

That can do as much as me

Think about it really hard and

Thank me when you see

The other letters hate me

Though, of course its jealousy

They say it’s not fair that I rhyme

Their words so easily

An Ode to the Letter “U”

Unless you are sleeping, I suggest that you’re keeping

Up with who’s who-est of who

Under the cover there’s no better other

Uh-huh, so don’t misconstrue

Um, no. Not to vex, I didn’t mean sex

Unfortunately not, this is true

Undo where minds went, ‘twas reading I meant

Understood? Now let’s all look at “U”!

An Ode to the Letter “V”

Very strong, vivaciously

Voltage high, tenaciously

Veer this verse, voraciously

Vaulting over words, you see

Violence in these words you read

Viking frame of mind, have we

Vibrant in philosophy

Verbiage: poem currency

An Ode to the Letter “W”

Well, here we are

Woe is me!

Winding down, finally

Wrapping up this poetry

We’re almost done with “A” to “Z”

Writing alphabetically

Won’t be long, but we’re not yet free

“W” was easy….”X” will not be

An Ode to the Letter “X”

“X” can mark the stars I see

Xanax needed this entry

Xi is Greek, it’s fourteen

Xeroxed words, all randomly

Xystus, since I mentioned Greece

Xebecs sailing open seas

Xerosis, suffered cerebrally

Xenial, “X” was not to me

An Ode to the Letter “Y”

You may think these odes of mine

Yawn-inducing, wastes of time

Yet I attest validity

Yes, all are written passionately

Yesterday, I couldn’t show it

Younger me was not a poet

Yearn to inspire, hope to bestow it

Years from now, I hope you know it

An Ode to the Letter “Z”

Zealots, I need for my tired soul

Zilch is my energy left

Zoned out is my brain, these odes took their toll, a

Zoo is this brain ‘twas once deft

Zip up this project, at last I can rest

Zero letters are lying ahead

Zephyrs now soothe me, flow over my chest

Zodiac today: time for bed!

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