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Unleashing Your Inner Confidence: Tips & Trick for Authors

When you go to the library or bookstore and pick up the latest novel by your favorite author, you might think, "Wow! I love them. They are so confident in their work." Okay, okay, so maybe not exactly that, but you feel grateful and happy this person took the time to write a book for you to read. 

Now, as the author of the book, you on the other hand might be riddled with fear, self-doubt, and #anxiety as you sit back and wait for the reviews to roll in. You might even pace around your living room, heart fluttering, praying to get a few five-stars. 

What if I told you that kind of attitude was harmful? What if I told you that by lacking self-confidence you were hurting your chances at further publication? Did you know 50% of debut authors never write a second book? Shocking right? Also, totally made up... seriously though, there's like no data I could find on that statistic. BUT when I said it, you actually thought it was true. Why? Because I was speaking to you with confidence. 

That's what this is about! Today we are going to hear from Arini Vlotman, author of the upcoming novel, Pretty Average. She's going to share some NOT so pretty average tips about being confident as an author. This way you can stop worrying about what people are going to think and start believing in yourself and your work. 

TIP 1 – Remember that everyone started somewhere

No author was born fully developed in the art of writing. It seems that way but that’s the thing about perception - it can often be deceiving. Whether you’re a debut author or have multiple books to your name, you are continuously learning and developing your skills. And that’s ok, it’s part of the process. 

Any profession, and form of art in our case, is a two-way street. By supporting others, you reinforce your knowledge, and by asking for help you get another perspective on your craft. Whether you’re a few steps ahead or behind, you wrote your story, and that makes you the best person to tell it. Embrace your style and own it.

TIP 2 – Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses

We hear the words ‘Imposter Syndrome’ in the author community often enough to know most writers suffer from self-doubt during their career(s). When that dreaded time comes, take a moment to pause and acknowledge it. Does this mean we need to throw in the towel? Nope, nope, nope. Did Frodo turn back from the sight of Mount Doom? Did Jo March give up when her critics gave her bad reviews? I’m sure they wanted to, and I personally feel my knees knocking at the thought of criticism, but we push on.

Sometimes we need to take a step back to realign ourselves and allow introspection to come in. If you don’t know what you’re good at, how do you get better? In the same breath, if you don’t acknowledge you’re human, with the very human ability of not knowing everything, you are doing yourself a disservice. 

TIP 3 -  When in doubt, remember why you started

Do you remember that feeling of coming out of a writing sprint with a few thousand words on a page? Your mind is filled with a haze of euphoria, accomplishment, and pure joy. That is why we delve back into our manuscripts and churn through word after word. Sure, sometimes those words may need to be rewritten, but can anything replace the joy of creating a unique story? 

Whether you write horror, romance, cozy mysteries, or one of the many genres in our craft, there is a reader out there for you. Don’t forget that writing is also about you, the author. Sometimes we get so caught up in the marketing, sales, edits, and reviews that we forget the pure exhilaration that comes from delving into a world that exists wholly in our imagination. You have the ability to produce a world that can entertain, amuse, uplift, or bring about tears, laughter, and even anger. Your words matter and so do you.

"On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” - Ernest Hemingway

As with the characters on a page, the story starts with you. Like a fully edited manuscript, your self-confidence requires nurturing, time, and passion.

Invest in yourself first, and the rest will follow.


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Thank you Arini! Fly high! ✈️

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