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The Art of Writing a Book Blurb

There often comes a point during the publishing process in which you will be asked to write a #BookBlurb. Now, don’t start panicking just yet. You’ve been doing this for years (even if you didn’t know it). 

Everytime a friend asks you about a movie and you give them the quick rundown– the main character and all the exciting parts. Or when someone asks you about a book you just read, again, you can quickly tell them the theme, characters and what happened. 

THAT is a blurb! In 150 to 300 words, you were able to quickly pitch the story. 

The heart of the book blurb is its ability to capture the attention of a reader who is scrolling the latest releases online. And as an author, one of your goals should be to master the art of writing an eye-catching book blurb. One that will get your potential audience to stop scrolling and pay attention.  

We’ve condensed the steps down into their simplest terms. Because if you over complicate a book blurb, you’ll lose the reader’s attention. 

First, you’re going to hook the reader, by writing down a few sentences to set the scene and the tone. Perhaps two strangers meet in the night and fall madly in love. 

Second, you need to tell us about the main characters. Who are these strangers and what about them is so special? 

Last, you want to ramp up and describe the conflict! When tragedy strikes and our strangers turned lovers are forced apart, they must fight for everything they believe in. 

Now, sometimes it is easier to see something in action, before trying to do it on your own. So take a few moments and check out this perfectly executed 149 word book blurb for The Bone Below, a dark fantasy by Sylwia Koziel. Releasing with Conquest Publishing in April 2024. 

Nelka, born to a small village in Nidora, meets Kazimir, a passing traveler. Each time Nelka leaves her cottage, she seems to bump into this stranger who teases her relentlessly, and ignites feelings she wasn't prepared for. 

When Nelka's sister becomes ill, Nelka leaves the safety of her village, and Kazimir, to find a cure.  As trouble becomes imminent, Nelka is taken prisoner and held hostage by the foreign King and Queen. Their son and soon to be King, Prince Andrius, has plans and Nelka is exactly what he needs to set them into motion. 


Each day Nelka spends in the castle with Prince Andrius brings her closer to a truth she didn't know had been hidden, while pushing her farther from the village farmer of her past.

The Bone Below is a journey of self-discovery, first love, and learning about one’s place in a vast world.

If you enjoyed learning about writing a book blurb and reading our example, go ahead and read some of the other amazing book blurbs at Conquest Publishing and Wild Ink Publishing. Then, take the time to write a book blurb for your own book! Even if you’re still #Querying or editing or just starting out, having a quick blurb to tell your family and friends will be highly rewarding. 


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